About Me

     I have been a radiation therapist for over 25 years. I admire the strength, courage, and compassion I see in the patients I treat. I understand the role western medicine provides in caring for our health. I also see the need to support the patient on other levels of their being such as emotional, spiritual, and mental.

     I was drawn to attend the Barbara Brennan School of Healing without an understanding of energy medicine or the human aura. It was a stretch for me to embrace such a metaphysical approach to health. I found it interesting that the holistic students at the school had complete faith in alternative methods to healthcare. They had little trust in the medical community and a deep commitment to personal health. I feel both are helpful to move through challenges whether it be in our health, relationships, career or other.

     I found the Barbara Brennan School expanded my understanding of who I am and how I relate to the world around me.  While the Barbara Brennan School gave me a visceral experience of the energy field, I turned to Healing Touch to help me absorb the concepts. I enjoyed the local involvement that Healing Touch gave me. I love how these two modalities support one another in my learning. 

      I participate in local fairs giving people a chance to experience energy work in a 15-20 minute session. I continue to explore ways to work with the energy field. I have a great interest in this area and other paranormal topics. What we see in this dimension is only a small part of a bigger reality that we live in.

      I helped edit the Healing Touch Level 3 teaching workbook when it was revamped a few years ago. Healing Touch Level 3  teaches many of the ideas found in Barbara Brennan's book: Hands of Light.  This book has become a classic for energy healers.

     Inner Light Work emerged from the culmination of my extensive years of study, commitment to clearing my own energy and working with clients.  It is a privilege to be trusted to work with the intimacy of a client's energy field.


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About the Human Energy Field

as taught by Barbara Brennan

Physical Layer:  Lowest in frequency. The human body.

First Layer:  Blueprint for the physical body.

Second Layer:  Regulates the emotional state.

Third Layer:  Processes, ideas, thoughts and mental beliefs.

Fourth Layer:  A bridge between the physical and spiritual realms.

Fifth Layer:  Exists only on the spiritual plane and holds the highest ideals for existence. 

Sixth Layer:  Accesses universal energies, concepts

Seventh Layer:  Directs the levels mentioned above.

Image Source: The Subtle Body  by Cyndi Dale 2014