Marjie Clarke

Brennan Healing Science Practitioner


     I come from a medical background working as a Radiation Therapist for over 25 years. I understand and support the role western medicine provides in caring for your health. I am a 2010 graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and I've studied with the Healing Touch Program for many years. These two modalities blend well to ground Inner Light Work in the emerging field of energy medicine.


     Just as we have physical anatomy, we have energetic anatomy. Having learned to monitor my own energy field enables me to assist you in building your energetic foundation to live a more authentic life. I was raised to care more about how others saw me instead of learning how to value myself enough to trust my inner wisdom. I was good at adjusting to different situations but there was an emptiness inside that I didn't understand. I struggled with low self- esteem, lack of direction, and little sense of self. I felt like a chameleon, changing who I was for whatever the situation called for. Over the years, I found joy in being a Mother, satisfaction in hospital work, and a long term marriage that ended in a lifetime friendship. I credit Energy Healing as a modality that  helped me come into a solid relationship with myself to enjoy all aspects of my life. I now feel like a solid oak tree instead of sinking sand when challenges come along. Less drama and more self-confident energy is available to me.

      Letting go of inherited beliefs, believing in a better future, and having a unique spiritual connection are some of the outcomes I enjoy assisting others achieve. I continue to explore ways to work with energy as I study with various  leaders in the field. What we see in this dimension is only a small part of the bigger reality that we live in.

     Inner Light Work emerged from the culmination of my extensive years of study, commitment to clearing my own energy and working with clients.  It is a privilege to be trusted to work with the intimacy of a client's energy field.


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