Marjie Clarke


Radiation Therapist

Brennan Healing Science Practitioner

Healing Touch Practitioner Apprentice​

     Welcome to my site. I have had a fascination with energy healing for many years. I studied with Barbara Brennan School of Healing, graduating in 2010. It was an extensive four year training program held in Miami Florida. Not only did I learn healing techniques, I was evaluated on skills such as listening, connection, and authenticity. I studied Healing Touch locally at the same time to support the techniques I was beginning to learn about. I find these two modalities blend nicely for a deep understanding of energy medicine.

     Having worked in the medical field for over 25 years, I was curious about how to cultivate other levels and aspects of healing. I had questions that I could not get answered in religious settings. I wondered about our soul, spirit and the eternity of life. I needed to expand my sense of self to include the energy body that supports the physical body. It has taken me several years to integrate these teachings into the embodied practice of Inner Light  Work. 

     Inner Light Work requires a high level of vulnerability, sensitivity, and trust in the unknown. It takes time to undo the layers of protection we build throughout our lives. I am honored to support you in exploring what is true for you.